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Company Profile

Doering Engineering, Inc. is a highly qualified firm with more than 17 years of experience in providing professional engineering, planning and surveying services.  The company provides professional services to governmental agencies, industrial, commercial and residential developers.

The Company was founded in 1989 and has grown from its original staff of three employees to its present staff of eighteen employees.

The expertise of Doering Engineering, Inc. in civil engineering and planning, along with a strong land surveying background, has resulted in the formation of a well diversified firm, capable of providing its clients with the best possible engineering, planning and land surveying services along with the highest and most ethical standards.

It has been the company’s sole responsibility to understand our clients’ needs and to have day-to-day hands-on approach to all of our projects.

One of the most difficult components of any project is the ability of the designer to understand the concerns and expectations of the client.  We at Doering Engineering take pride in completing a project on time, within budget and with as little disruption to the community as possible.

To accomplish our goals, we stay at the forefront of technology and communicate our knowledge to our clients.  We intend to continue this tradition into the future.  As our society becomes more sophisticated and complex, we will keep our focus on the needs of our clients, strive to interpret their unique problems and turn their creativity into economic reality.

Specific Specialties and Strengths

Doering Engineering brings to your organization the advantages and strength necessary for a successful project:

Partnership – We at Doering Engineering do not approach the project as just another “engineering project”.  We will form a partnership with the City in order to answer and resolve all questions and issues as they occur.

Communication – Doering Engineering feels strongly that continuous contact with the City is necessary and desirable to ensure a successful project.  Regular project status meetings will be scheduled.

Public Involvement – Doering Engineering has a great deal of experience in public participation at the earliest stages of a project.  We feel that this involvement enhances our ability to lessen adverse impact on affected residents.

Balanced Approach – Doering Engineering is a company that offers practical and affordable engineering solutions.  Since Doering employs staff surveyors, we can lessen potential conflicts in the translation of data and resolution of property line questions. 

Experience – Doering Engineering offers a team with extensive experience in all aspects of civil engineering and surveying.  Doering Engineering has sufficient staff with redundant capabilities.  This allows for optimum workload management minimizing disruptions.

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